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How long is the pushing stage for 1st time moms? Emily's answer may surprise you! Welcome baby Raya!

Raya's birth announcement was written by our birth doula, Tara. Tara is our Naples area doula and is a quite a natural at this doula thing! Tara is a mom of two boys and one pup, with her background in social work.

Beautiful baby Raya, just born!

As Emily and her husband, Gabe, took their nightly walk last Thursday evening, Emily made the comment, “Okay, baby, I’m ready for you to arrive!” And baby listened! Late that night her contractions began and by morning they were ready to go to the hospital. Gabe, who is very laid back and always a comedian, knew he’d need some fuel for himself. So, he made a quick run through the McDonald’s drive-thru on the way. Wanting to document every moment, the camera was rolling while he ordered his burrito and Emily was contracting. I can only imagine the look on the McDonald’s employee’s face! I see a McDonald’s commercial in their future!

Like most first-time moms, Emily wanted to prepare herself for what labor might entail. She did this by listening to birth stories diligently. By the end of her pregnancy, she felt off if she hadn’t listened to a birth story in a couple days. These stories taught her how different labor looks, for not only every woman, but every pregnancy. It also helped her realize how flexible she would need to be in her birth plan and her ideas about birth. They helped Emily not only feel more prepared for birth, but better able to surrender to her body’s contractions during birth.

Once arriving at the hospital Emily’s labor was progressing well and her contractions were quite intense, so she opted for an epidural. Emily’s nurse knew Emily was progressing quickly, so she asked for extra help and the epidural was done in record time. Gabe continued to document everything, snapping pictures, updating family and providing some comedic relief. The epidural allowed Emily to get some rest and enjoy some time with parents and sister before baby arrived.

Doula Tara helps mom Emily through intense moments of birth

One thing I recommend to all my clients, is to complete the Spinning Babies daily and weekly exercises. These exercises can help you have an easier birth, by keeping your muscles, ligaments and fascia loose which gives better space for baby’s best birth position. Emily not only did these exercises consistently, she also attended Orange Theory until a week before delivery and tried to complete, in short sets, 100 squats throughout each day as per Ina May Gaskin’s instructions. I must tell you, her hard work and diligence paid off in the delivery room (along with a little luck from the Birth Fairy!). Emily, a first-time mom, pushed for less than 25 minutes before her baby girl was born!

So much love and support for Emily and baby Raya!

Please join me in welcoming, Raya Rose born April 5, 2019 at 1:25pm. She was 7lb 9oz and 20 inches. I could not be more happy and honored to be your doula!

In doula love,


Fort Myers doula Tara Hoverson, Mindful Birth Services

P.s. We have doula openings for August 2019 births and beyond! Work with us!


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