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A "silent" early labor makes way for the quick and intense arrival of baby Joy Olivia, born 9.29.21

A huge congratulations and thank you to Jordyn for sharing the birth story of her 2nd child, Joy Olivia, with us on today's birthblog. We love her firsthand account of the moments leading up to her labor, the uncertainties that presented, and the perfect timing of baby Joy's arrival. And a huge thank you to Mindful Birth Doula Christa for her support! Read on for Jordyn's recollection and telling of Joy's birth story, and a heartfelt congratulations to Jordyn and Zak.

"Starting at 39 weeks, my doctor told me I was in “silent labor” and labor would be very quick once it fully started. Scary!

I made it to my 40 week appointment at 11am and as soon as he checked me he told me I needed to go straight to the hospital.

I was 6cm dilated and in labor without even feeling anything.

He told me I would need pitocin to stimulate contractions which was the #1 thing I wanted to avoid in my birth plan. When I got to my car I cried so hard. I was overwhelmed and grieving the unmedicated birth that I researched and planned so hard for.


I finally pulled myself together and waited for my husband at the hospital parking lot. By the time he got there it was 1pm and contractions came out of nowhere! Even though I was supposed to be a direct admission, I ended up waiting in the lobby for 45 minutes to be called back while contractions turned into the REAL DEAL. I was moaning, swaying, and crying in front of strangers. We were FINALLY admitted at around 2pm. Within 1.5 hours my contractions became so real and I was dilating very quickly so NO PITOCIN NEEDED! Hallelujah!

I told the nurse at 3:30pm I felt the urge to push… She checked me and said it wasn’t time yet and to definitely NOT push. Just a few minutes later, I told my husband that I felt SO much pressure down below the baby was coming out. Nurse came back and told me that was unlikely because she had just checked about 5-10min prior.


I told her I wanted my water to be broken because I felt like that was the only thing holding Joy back from coming out. That was the moment I finally understood what it meant to “listen to your body.” Even though it was against my birth plan, I could just feel that was necessary to move forward.

The doctor arrived at 4pm, broke my water, and told me to start pushing on the next contraction!

Up until this point I had been in control of my breathing and totally owning this whole labor thing. But then the contractions got to a whole new level and I told my husband I felt like I was going to lose control to the pain. He reassured me that I can do this and he started deep breathing with me so that I had something to mimic and focus on.

The first few pushes weren’t too bad, but then the doctor told me the next one would feel like a “ring of fire” and to not stop pushing when I felt that. Boy, was he right. I gave it my all with two big pushes and then he had me do the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life: mini pushes that I had to start/stop over and over so that he could maneuver the baby out and to avoid tearing. I remember at one point yelling out, “I can’t!” And he reassured me by saying I can and to take a deep breath and try again.


That’s when my husband told me to open my eyes and I saw Joy about halfway out of me. She was born at 4:17pm!

As soon as she was out the pain was gone and I couldn’t believe I actually did it. Totally unmedicated. That was hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I’m so incredibly proud of myself for getting through it."

-Authored by Jordyn Dempsey, mother of two

We are so proud of you and happy for your entire family! It has been our pleasure to walk beside you for this journey.

Our doula best,

Christa and the Mindful Birth Doulas

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