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Baby Boy Bruce! Born 4/13/23 with support from Mindful Birth Doulas

Special thanks to mom Victoria for sharing her very special and somewhat unusual birth story of baby Bruce (take a look at how long mom's labor was!). We love your birth story so much! Thank you to doula Emily for her unwavering support of this beautiful family of four.

a baby boy just born in SWFL with Mindful Birth Doulas

"It started with level 5 spicy Thai papaya salad and ended with a beautiful baby boy.

The contractions started about 3:45am, 20 minutes apart at first. I let my husband sleep in, anticipating the long day ahead. As he got our toddler ready for school, I contacted our doula Emily… “Things are manageable, we have time”.

While my husband drove our toddler to school (at quite a leisurely pace, I should add), I labored around the house with my pre-curated playlist, remembering the positions and tips from Emily. Finally, my husband returned and everything kicked into high gear.

The contractions started coming in rapid succession, I could no longer get a break. I shouted “GATE” “GATE” “GATE” as he pressed on my lower back, “closing the pain gate”. It took the edge off, but I was feeling the urge to push, and was scared to make the 30 minute ride to the hospital. By some miracle, he got me in the car. Panting, topless, and very much in active labor, I gave the commuters quite a show. When we arrived at the hospital at 9:53, there were nurses waiting for us as Emily had the forethought to call ahead. By 9:56 my baby boy was on my chest. He introduced himself as “Bruce” and so he was named.

I am so fortunate to have found Mindful Birth Services. Emily and Christine were professional, knowledgeable, and sympathetic. From my initial call, I felt taken care of and at ease. Emily was proactive and there when I needed her. Through our sessions and discussions I felt mentally and physically prepared for my ideal birth experience.

Arrived at hospital 9:53 a.m , Baby boy Bruce Barnett

born 9:56 a.m.!! 6.5 lb 19.5 in."

Big thanks to mama Victoria for sharing her birth story with us! Congratulations and welcome to Bruce!


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