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Baby Hazel Frances makes her debut on 9.21.20; mom uses music to soothe her mind

Today's birth story is shared by Julie, mother of Hazel Frances, first time mom and doula client of Mindful Birth Services.

“Although it wasn’t a natural birth, or anything like we had planned, it was a magical day.

Christa, our doula met us at the hospital for our scheduled cesarean birth. Baby was breech with no plans of making the flip. I was so happy that Chista was able to be with Ehren for support while they brought me back to the OR.

Ehren came in and sat close to me, held my hand and put in one headphone and he had the other. The birth playlist we had curated began to play. However, the first few songs weren’t right.

“Next” I said; “next,” I said again and maybe two or three more times until Tom Petty’s Wildflowers played.

It was perfect.

It took me out of the uncomfortable operating room and to a special place in my mind. Moments later, I heard her beautiful voice for the first time. I’ve never cried with such emotion or had such a rush of happiness come over me.

Although it wasn’t what we planned, there were beautiful moments within the difficult and uncomfortable ones and those are the ones we will remember for the rest of our lives.

We are thankful for the help and guidance of our doula and felt better prepared after taking Mindful Birth's Birthing From Within classes.“

Thank you, Julie and Ehren, for sharing a few moments of your special day with us! We are endlessly thankful for trusting us with your story. It's an inspiration for us and other birthing families, too <3

For more info on having a doula for your birth, contact us here.

Our doula best,

Christa and the Mindful Birth team


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