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Birth is the sprint that prepares us for the Marathon of parenthood; natural birth story

Today's birth story is authored by Tara H, from her perspective as the family's labor doula, told with permission from her clients.

doula baby Fort Myers
Bethany and Matt welcome their baby boy, Sebastian

"I often tell my clients that labor is a marathon not a sprint. Birth is hard. It's messy. And it takes us to our brink. (I know this image may bring to mind an unmedicated birth, but the reality is that ALL births take us to this place. Sometimes it's physical. Sometimes it is mental. And sometimes it's both.) And yet, we make the choice to do it. To bring life into this world. The work we do in this transition, from maiden to mother, prepares us for motherhood. Because motherhood is hard, too. Postpartum is hard. What if we looked at birth as an initiation? A tool that takes us to the depth of our being to teach us how capable we really are. That fortifies us for the marathon of raising a child. Maybe birth is the sprint that prepares us for the marathon....

I had the honor of meeting Bethany on her birthing day. Her doula was ill and, as her backup doula, I was called in. One of the fantastic benefits of Mindful Birth Services and Doula Care is our backup doula policies. It rarely happens, but in the case you need it, having that seamless backup support can be so assuring.

It can be awkward meeting a new family in the middle of labor, but I saw one of Bethany's strengths as soon as I walked in. She was doing the next best thing. Taking a slightly different path and rolling with it.

For a first birth Bethany's was quite seamless. She progressed pretty quickly. She was in her room at Health Park by midnight. The nurse knew Bethany wanted at unmedicated birth. She let us be most of the night to allow Bethany to labor freely. It was wonderful. Bethany's space was protected. Matt didn't leave her side and encourage her through those early morning hours. It wasn't long before we were calling the nurse in because Bethany was feeling pushy. Baby boy Sebastian was born soon after at 3:52am!

Now Bethany's in that also messy postpartum phase. It's so hard and beautiful at the same time. And she's showing that strength I saw the moment I met her. This is not quite what she expected but she's rolling with it.

Her marathon has begun. I hope she can take the lessons she learned while in the depths of labor and use them to continue to strengthen her through motherhood. I think what she's doing is amazing. We can do hard things, friends.

Join me in congratulating Bethany and Matt on the birth of their beautiful son, Sebastian.

My doula best,



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