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"Dimples I wish I could buy;" Welcome to the world baby Samuel James!

*Today's birth announcement is shared, with permission, by Christa G, labor and postpartum doula for Mindful Birth Services*

On December 25th, 2020 Jessica and Zach welcomed the greatest gift of the season, baby Samuel James! He has dimples I wish I could buy for myself, and a calm, peaceful energy.

From our initial visit, to our last postpartum shift, the teamwork, love and support I witnessed between these two first time parents never wavered. In fact, it grew!

11 days after baby’s due date, 4 days of induction, and 2.5 hours of pushing later, Jessica did it; she got the vaginal delivery she was hoping for!!

As a doula, this birth was a beautiful reminder that:

1. Our clients are SO capable of speaking up for themselves and making powerful decisions when they are knowledgeable, and confident in their options and rights.

2. The role of a doula is never to replace a partner, but to work alongside them offering added support to enhance the overall experience.

3. Birth is magical, and babies come exactly when THEY are ready!

Congratulations Jessica and Zach, I will never forget my first "Christmas baby"!

Authored by Christa Graziano, Labor and Postpartum Doula



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