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Doula supported hospital birth an "amazing experience" for first time mom, Emily

It's always a treat when one of our new parents shares their birth experience through their own lens, so thank you to first time mom Emily for sharing her story with us! Congratulations to Emily and Matt, and a very special welcome to their baby boy Henry Hans Holten. Thank you to Mindful Birth Doula Tara for supporting this family so well!

new mom and her doula and baby SWFL

"I was very hesitant to have a doula for my birth because of the “natural birth” stigma. Let me just say that was NOT the case with Mindful Birth. From the start I felt heard by Christine and she could not have picked a better match for me than Tara.

In our meetings, Tara was always on time and present to hear my concerns, my worries, my wants, and my goals. She always came prepared to answer any questions I had and provided me with tools to prepare myself and my partner for birth. She helped me make a birth plan that suited my goals and prepared me for all of the possible outcomes.

In the weeks leading up to birth Tara was always a text or a call away, even in the middle of the night. When I started having contractions at 4 am, Tara responded immediately to guide me through contractions and help me through the next steps.

Tara met me at the hospital when I was admitted and created an atmosphere unlike any other. She made that dreary hospital room feel like a spa! In the hours leading up to birth Tara helped me through contractions, emotional breakdowns, and doubt. I am a planner and Tara was an expert at helping me navigate the unknown. When I was nauseous, she had essential oils to ease the nausea. When I felt discomfort she was an advocate for me with the nurses and doctors. When I was being told what was happening, she was always explaining my options and taking the extra second to make sure I felt comfortable with my choices.

Not only was she a help to me, but also to my family and to the nursing staff. Tara helped with movements in bed, transporting me around, and even helped cleaning and organize for the nurses so they could prioritize my care. At the end of our stay, the head nurse said she had never experienced help like she did from Tara. She helped my partner and my mother to be a good support for me and made sure they were able to enjoy the experience as well.

I entered the hospital at 8:30 AM and by 3:18 PM our son was born. Our doctors and nurses said it was one of the fastest births they had ever been a part of. Two contractions, six pushes. And I owe most of that to Tara! She helped me with positions to help progress labor, she advocated for me to labor down, and she talked me through the steps to safely deliver our son.

My birthing experience was amazing and I can say with 100% certainty that I will be calling Mindful Birth and Tara for baby #2! The weeks after birth, Tara followed up with me to make sure my son and I were doing ok and was a constant resource when I needed help or reassurance.

Not only do I feel like I had a wonderful doula in Tara, but I feel like I gained a friend as well. I will forever be grateful for her help through one of the most stressful and exciting experiences of my life!"

Thank you, Emily, for sharing your story with us! And welcome to the world baby boy Henry!

In doula love,

Tara + the Mindful Birth Doulas

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