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Hi, baby Callum! Welcome Callum James Snow, born 1/19/23

Thank you to first time mom and dad, Carliss and Jay, for sharing your story about the arrival of your little one! And thanks to our amazing doula Tara for taking good care of this special family of 3 in SWFL!

"I was blessed and had a phenomenal pregnancy with no issues. I was convinced though that I would deliver a bald little baby, but boy was I wrong.

I went into labor on Wednesday, January 18th around 5 pm at 41 weeks and a day.

After laboring at home as long as I could, we took off for the hospital near 6:45 pm. My contractions increased in frequency and intensity the entire way to the hospital (roughly 75 minutes drive - gotta love rush hour!)

Contractions lengthened to 90 seconds and increased frequency to every 3 minutes upon arrival.

After the evaluation by the OB Triage team, I was 4cm dilated, 80% effaced, and at a -1 station. This was a bit demoralizing as I could have sworn I would have been 7-8cm dilated based on the pain of the contractions. Given this, I opted for the epidural but had an hour or so until it could have been administered.

Tara met us in the Labor and Delivery room and was truly my saving grace. She and Jay kept me going until the epidural was administered. Tara proposed completing 10 contractions while Jay stood behind me, slightly lifting our baby which worked wonders!

Once I had the epidural, I was able to focus on what was happening and actually enjoy the experience. Tara, Jay, and my nurse, Jessica, were phenomenal the entire night into the next morning. They were flipping me from side to side while using the peanut ball, stretched my legs, and talked me through everything that was occurring and going to occur. I even took 2 mini-naps!

Around 5 am, Dr. DiGorgi came in to check me and said that my sack of water was bulging, I was fully dilated, and it was time to start pushing. She asked to break my water and shortly after I started pushing. I pushed for about 30 minutes and became so exhausted that I needed to take my third and final nap.

Around 6:30 am I woke up and started pushing again. Around this time Dr. Brown, my OB, had taken over and informed me that due to my water being slightly cloudy, the NICU team from Golisano's would come in at the time of delivery as a precaution.

Callum entered the world at 7:18 am on Thursday, January 19th at 8lbs 10oz and 20 in long.

Immediately after being born, he was taken and looked at by the NICU team. They had determined that Callum had meconium present and subsequently swallowed some meconium as he came through the birth canal. Within the hour, Jay accompanied Callum to Golisano's where it was discovered that Callum had a slightly collapsed lung (diagnosed as bilateral pneumothorax) and would end up spending the next 5 days under their care. Tara stayed with me as I transitioned from the Labor and Delivery floor to the Mom and Baby floor. With Jay and Callum in the next building, Tara was my only remaining friendly face.

Once situated, I was able to head over to the NICU. To say that she was exceptional would be a drastic understatement - she was EVERYTHING! Tara’s knowledge, wisdom, calm and caring nature, and peaceful presence made my birthing experience more rewarding than I could have ever imagined! She not only empowered and educated me, but was the reassuring figure that helped Jay and I navigate what became a delivery story we had never planned on.

My night nurse even said “I’m excited to learn all of your tricks” when she first discovered Tara’s unique gifts and abilities.

Her care didn’t end when she left the hospital, far from it. She checked in multiple times a day offering emotional support, as well as pumping and breastfeeding guidance as my son’s condition changed daily. We are two and a half weeks out now and Jay and I are forever grateful for Tara’s continued support and care!"

Authored by first time mom, Carliss McDevitt

Mom of baby Callum

Doula: Tara

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