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Labor Doula care helped Reema feel supported during baby Ishaan's arrival

We love it when our doula clients share parts of their birth story and are honored to help welcome baby Ishaan to the world! Read on for a summary of Reema's experience with doula care and see the cutest pictures, too. We don't ask for testimonials but we sure are thankful for the kind words we receive from our doula clients.

"My water broke at midnight and we called Emily right away to confirm that’s what it was lol. She advised that we drive to the hospital after measuring the contractions for 20 min. By the time we reached L&D, the contractions were very strong and they checked us in right away. Emily had driven to the hospital simultaneously and joined us. I was without an epidural for 7 hours and Emily was an amazing coach and supporter the whole time. And she’s super funny and sweet too!
We loved our birth experience because of her and we were also fortunate to have a fabulous nurse assigned to us along with our OB, Dr. Fleishman, that we adore. Our baby couldn’t be more perfect and we are still in touch with Emily as we believe that bond will last a long long time!"
Thanks, Reema! Welcome to the world baby Ishaan born on 10/2/20 weighing 6 pounds and measuring 20" long.

Our doula best,

Emily and the Mindful Birth Doulas

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