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Make way for Ruby Mae! Join us in our congratulations for her special arrival

Today's birth announcement was written by Bria and Bryan as we help them introduce and welcome their baby girl, Ruby Mae. Congratulations to their new and growing family! It has been our pleasure to guide them along their unique path through birth classes during pregnancy and labor doula services during their birth journey.

"Baby Ruby made her grand entrance into the world this month and we could not be more happy!

After finding out we were pregnant, we immediately knew we were going to need the support and expertise of a labor doula, but we found so much more when we found Mindful Birth. After taking Christine’s Birthing From Within course, we felt like no matter what our labor would look like, we would be ready. My husband and I also got to know each other’s wants and needs on a deeper level than I could have wished for. (We joked it was also a marriage counseling course!) We had no idea how much we would need the tools we took away from that class.

After a long and unexpectedly complicated labor, we brought our healthy 7lb 10oz baby girl into the world. Thank you to Christine for the confidence and knowledge we needed to make important decisions. Thank you to our labor doula, Emily, for the hands-on support we needed during the delivery.

Births don’t always go exactly as planned, but having the knowledge and loving support we needed lead to us having a wonderful birthing experience. We are forever grateful for our birth team and the lifelong friendships we’ve made through this process." -Bria Horbal

Congratulations to this incredibly sweet family! We are so thrilled for you all and we welcome baby Ruby to the Mindful Birth family!

My doula best,


Christine Ghali is a Certified Doula and Childbirth Educator with Birthing From Within for the past decade. She's the owner of Mindful Birth Services and Doula Care and sits on the Board of Directors for Birthing From Within International and Heritage School of Midwifery in North Port, FL. She's been guiding parents with the Mindful Birth Doulas since 2018 and would love to guide you in your birth preparation, too. When she's not mentoring her doulas and pregnant parents, you'll find her with her three kids (15, 12 and 5 years old) or working on nailing her first handstand.


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