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Oh Baby! Welcome Maya Gabriella to the Mindful Birth family born 7/14/2020

doula baby Fort Myers
Maya Gabriella July 14, 2020

"I went into an early morning appointment at 40 weeks+3  for a stress test. My husband Juan and I hoped to go home that day and wait to go into labor when it was time.  However, when our stress test didn't look as favorable as we had hoped we were admitted into the hospital for an ultrasound test. As we waited in triage our nurse returned and said, you won't be going back home today you'll be having your baby very soon.  I didn't know what that meant exactly. I had so many questions on my mind. As we waited in triage my husband stayed in close contact with our doula, Tara, as she supported us over the phone and graciously guided us through the process. I quickly gathered my emotions and thoughts. I knew that we were well supported and knew how to advocate for ourselves and our baby after taking our Birthing From Within class with Christine. We stayed in the hospital for a few days as our midwife and nurses closely monitored our baby. During that time the goal was to soften my cervix and allow my body to begin contracting and go into labor on its own. Nothing had seemed to be working. These days were hard emotionally and physically. We continued to be supported from afar by our doula, which made all the difference. On the third night our nurse came into our room and awoke me from my sleep.  I grew nervous as our nurse fiddled with the baby monitor, which was quickly followed by a large group of nurses rushing into our room. For a few moments I couldn't hear anyone else's voice but my husband's, he spoke into my ear and comforted me.  Our baby's heart rate had dropped significantly. Everything inside of me was trying not to panic, I gathered my emotions and concentrated on my breath and on my husband's voice. A few moments later our baby's heart rate had come up to only drop again.  In that moment of chaos I told myself that we had tried so hard and advocated for ourselves in every way and that the concern for our baby's health was so important to me. I was ready to meet her.  I whispered to my husband with tears in my eyes and said I was ready to have our baby. As the nurses continued to surround me our Midwife had finally arrived. I told her that I was ready to have our baby and requested a cesarean. I had never felt more sure about my decision and was filled with confidence and content.

At 3:05 a.m. on July 14th we met our baby girl Maya Gabriella who weighed 7 lb 11 oz and was 19 in long. 

Although our birth story was not the non-medicated natural birth that we had hoped and planned for, it was still an incredible journey for us that we'll always remember. My husband and I came together as a team like never before. Our doula helped guide us each step of the way given the circumstances. We were so thankful to have taken our birthing class. We felt well prepared even as surprises arose and remembered to use our pain coping techniques to support each other in this unfolding new experience." Authored by Tatianna Pena, first-time mom to Maya Gabriella In doula kindness,


If you'd like to find out more about doula services with Mindful Birth, schedule an intake call with our office here.


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