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Ping Pong labor! Welcome baby Ezekiel

Ezekiel's birth announcement was written by Emily, our fantastic doula with a wonderful sense of humor. Emily is a mother of 6, and when she’s not doulaing or deepening her faith at church, you’ll find her joy riding on her Harley.

Fort Myers doula baby

Have you ever played a game of ping pong? Notice how the ball never stays in one place very long? This labor reminded me of a ping pong game. Let me explain, from the moment Sherrelle and Dajian walked into Health Park Hospital she took on the role of a ping pong ball and was bounced from one position to another. The reason for all the bouncing around was due to Ezekiel (baby) having a drop in heart rate during particular positions. So this sweet mama was tossed around what seemed like a ping pong ball. You could imagine that she didn't get much rest in between contractions due to the constant repositioning. I'm certain she found this to be pretty challenging! It is very difficult to be able to focus inwardly with the unending interruptions of being turned so frequently. At one point, Sherrelle found a moment of relief while soaking in a very warm tub surrounded by soft music and lighting. It was short-lived as nurse kindly asked her to remove herself from the tranquility that laboring in the water brings.

It's not uncommon for a baby's heart rate to drop during a contraction while they are being squeezed. Ezekiel seemed to tolerate the contractions and recovered nicely for a long while. He certainly didn't seem to be distressed and the labor progressed until it didn't. While the staff was extremely helpful and accommodating by never overreacting, there was a point in the labor where a decision had to be made.

The doctor patiently tried every trick in the book but made a good call by suggesting to deliver the baby via cesarean.

After careful deliberation the couple decided to move forward and welcome their baby and the timing couldn't be better! You see, as they were prepping Sherrelle for surgery the baby's heart rate dropped dramatically and in a matter of minutes the baby was delivered!

Daddy walked in the operating room just in time to see his son's divine entrance! Ezekiel's beautiful little head was shaped as a cone because of his attempt to exit the pelvis but was held back by a short umbilical cord (they can only stretch but so far), the decision for a cesarean birth was now justified and gave the couple peace of mind!

We join this lovely couple in welcoming their first son, Ezekiel O’Brion Findley, who bounced his way into our hearts on May 14, 2019 delivered at 4:43 p.m. weighing 6 lbs 5 ounces.

In doula love,



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