'I'm Stronger than a 58 Day Labor'; mom shares her emotional story of Violet's cesarean birth

Violet's birth story, as told my mom, Veronica:

"I’m stronger than a 58 day “labor.”  That’s what I learned from this birth. 

I was diagnosed with placenta previa and as my pregnancy progressed it became clearer that my second amazing VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) was not going to happen. 

I spent months preparing my laboring space at home, preparing for this wonderful second VBAC.  I spent months thinking my placenta would surely move.  I did literally anything anyone mentioned would help it move and it never budged. 

I was hospitalized for 58 days due to bleeds from my placenta until I delivered my baby.  We had several scares where we thought we would deliver a 29 week baby, then again a 30 week baby and then finally my last bleed at 32 weeks.  I put myself on stricter restrictions than the doctors did, because I felt in tune with my body again.  I basically remained in my bed from weeks 32-37 after my last bleed.  I got up once per day and that’s it. 

Prayer got me through what seemed like an eternity.  Constant prayer. I felt this was what needed to be done to make it to our delivery date safely.  I was right. My body did good. 

My hospital stay was other worldly.  Being in a hospital bed for that long brings you to the brink of your sanity.  I was told I could have blood clots or pulmonary embolisms due to restricting my movement and declining blood thinners.  Each day was a day of weighing risks and benefits of a new intervention or medication.  Luckily, I was able to keep my baby safe and give birth to her at a healthy 37 weeks 1 day via planned cesarean.