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Nico Victor’s Birth Story; A Video Birth Story

It's a special edition of our birth blog! Chelsea and Jose created a vlog to share their story of their sweet little prince, Nico Victor. Thank you to our doula Emily for showing up for this new family of three!

Today we celebrate Nico Victor Vidal!

  • Born 6/7/21 at 9:45AM

  • 7lbs 4oz and 19.5 inches long

  • Proud parents Chelsea and Jose

Scroll on down for the sweetest video birth story ever!

We wanted to share this adorable pic of baby Nico first. Could he BE any cuter??? We don't think so!!!

Big thanks to Chelsea and Jose for sharing their journey. We are honored to have been by your side! Emily will always remember you, your birth, and your darling Nico.

Now, are you ready?

Here's that birth story vlog! Check out Terry Talks on YouTube for more of their videos, too!

Our doula best,

Emily and the entire Mindful Birth Doula team


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