Welcome Audrey Elizabeth born 11/24/21; A Cervadil/Cytotec/Pitocin induction birth story

Audrey Elizabeth Burns

11/25/2021, 10:35am, 39+0 weeks

6lb, 5oz; 19.5 in long

"Throughout my third trimester I had been battling low growth measurements (9th percentile at 33 weeks, but 20th at 38 weeks) & blood pressure (I was put on meds at 36 weeks, but no signs of pre-eclampsia). We had thought I would need to be induced at 37 or 38 weeks, but everything was looking good, so we kept with weekly MFM (Maternal-Fetal Medicine) & OB appointments for monitoring & scheduled induction for 39 weeks.

Due to COVID restrictions, a 3 year old at home, and no family/support in the area, my husband & I made the decision that he would stay home with the 3 year old & I would have a doula for support at the hospital. It worked well for our family.

We did not find out gender before delivery & none of the care team knew either!

Audrey's Birth Story

I went to my MFM appointment Tuesday afternoon (11/23). I was 38+5. Baby looked great on ultrasound, but my blood pressure was elevated 150s-160s/90s. We were already scheduled for an induction Friday, but the doctor wanted me to go over to be induced right then. He didn’t want me getting pre-e over the holiday & getting really sick. He wanted me to go straight there, but I really wanted to go home & get my bags. So, the clinic nurse & I talked (I’m an RN as well) and I decided I was safe to go home & get my stuff, since L&D was full & I would be waiting anyway (I was going to anyway but at least she agreed).