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Welcome baby Dani Rae!

Today's birth announcement is written by our doula, Christa. Please join us as we congratulate this amazing new family of 3!

July 13th, 2021 was an exciting one in SWFL as baby girl Dani Rae made her arrival into a room full of laughter and great energy!

As a doula, a birth is never about me, but listen, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the energy in the room with Stephanie and Dan... It was so light-hearted and fun; we laughed SO much! The entire room was an oxytocin buzz!

Although first time parents, these 2 went in equipped with so much knowledge; both from Mindful Birth's "Birthing from Within” class series and lots of their own reading and research. Steph knew what she ideally wanted, but also had a calm, “go with the flow” outlook. It was impressive to watch her confidence shine as she navigated through her options with her providers during her labor, and used her voice to make decisions that felt best to her.

One of my favorite moments from the birth was during pushing when the baby’s head became visible. Steph asked Dan, “Does she have a mullet?” Dan glanced down to peek, and through his tears he exclaimed “I think so!” as he laughed. It was hilarious!

Congrats Stephanie & Dan, thank you for trusting me on this journey.

My doula best,



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