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Welcome baby Julian! Born 4/1/22

Thank you to our doula Christa for sharing a few words to help introduce the birth of baby Julian! We are so happy for first time parents Mare and Patrick!

SWFL mom and baby

“If there is one thing about birth, it is unpredictable! This goes for me as a doula as well as for the families I support. Thursday March 31 was a pretty productive one as Mare started prepping her maternity leave plans for work. She would finish the next day (so she thought!), the substitute teacher that would be taking over her class was set to start shadowing on Monday, and her mom would be arriving next week. She had completed our Birthing From Within birth class series as she planned ahead for ways to cope with labor's intensity, read books and done so much research. Although prepared, she was still 2 weeks away from her due date and the last thing she expected was to go into labor, especially as a first time mom. Once home that afternoon she went out back to join Pat and the dogs out on the canal. While sitting on the seawall she felt a gush; her water broke! It's noteworthy because only around 15% of women experience their water breaking before labor begins. Mare and Patrick are part of that small group!

Fort Myers doula baby

One thing I learned about Mare throughout our prenatal visits is that she has this way of effortlessly shining bright. Her fun-loving spirit showed through in every step of the way on this journey. Mare knew what she wanted, but was also prepared to go with whatever flow arose. That optimism and adaptability stuck with her as she navigated unpredictable changes in her birthing plan. She quickly needed to regroup, refocus, and ultimately surrender as she learned her baby was breech and a cesarean would be necessary. She was able to take all of those coping skills she learned in birth class and put them to use to cope in a different way; with the decision making process and surrender to what her baby needed. This resiliency will without a doubt help her throughout all that parenthood brings. Baby Julian made his grand arrival on April 1, 2022 at 4:29am!

Doula near me in Florida family with baby

It was my sincere pleasure to support the couple immediately after the birth, even though we all were required to pivot, with the postpartum timeframe looking much different than any of us originally anticipated. Mare and Pat had wonderful family support as well! One of my favorite memories to date as a doula was arriving to their home for our postpartum follow up and being greeted at the front door by Mare giggling, with her pump flanges attached to her hands free bra. Talk about mom life! Birth is unpredictable, and that's one of the things that makes it so magical. We simply can't control it. And even when we do all the things to influence what unfolds, ultimately sometimes baby has their own journey in mind that we learn to honor as well. Congratulations Mare and Patrick on the birth of Julian Michael, born at 4:29am on April 1st."

My doula best,


and the Mindful Birth Doulas


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