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Welcome baby Saoirse Jeanne born 11/11/21

At our first appointment, Siobhan mentioned the possibility of having her baby before her due date. I have learned to trust my client’s intuition. So when Siobhan asked to have our prenatal meeting earlier than 36 weeks, I happily agreed.

It was no surprise then, when at 36 weeks, Siobhan called to tell me she would be having an induction. Again, Siobhan had trusted her gut. She was starting to experience itching on her skin and things didn’t feel quite right so at her next appointment she asked for more tests. They found that she had cholestasis and she would need to deliver soon.

Fortunately, Siobhan was already showing signs of early labor. The induction and labor moved swiftly. Dave was a calm presence at Siobhan’s side. Their baby girl was born before they had a chance to finalize her name.

We focus a lot on reading all the books, listening to podcasts and googling information but learning to trust your own inner knowing, that gut feeling, is well worth investing in too.

Please join me in welcoming Saoirse Jeanne born 11.11.21

My doula best,



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