Why Doulas Rock (A New Year's Countdown)

**EDIT** Original post 2013

1. We believe in birth, and we believe in your innate power as a birthing mother.

2. When others try to talk you out of your birth choices, birth place, and birth provider, we support you.

3. We understand when to step in and when to step back. It’s YOUR birth, not ours! If that means you need some time to connect with your partner, it’s yours. If that means you need some extra reassurance, it’s yours. If that means you need the chance to talk through your options, it’s yours. We are here for YOU.

4. When everyone else in the room looks panicked, we take a deep breath and connect with the moment. Sometimes the reassuring eyes of your doula can bring you back from that place of fear and into love.

5. We know how to keep your partner (and your mom) calm, too.

6. We can tune in to your needs without your having to say a word. So when the fog of labor begins to set in and you feel like you can’t express yourself outwardly, we tune in to your inner needs. Relax! We got ya covered.

7. Water? Sure. Ice chips? If you’d like. Back massage? You bet. Guided visualizations, birth affirmations? Yes. Aromatherapy, music, candles? Yep. An advocate, completely on your side? Naturally. What else? My list could go on and on. But this is all about you.

8. We can help you reframe what you think a “long” labor is.