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Birth Announcement: Noah Gabriel

Join me in welcoming baby Noah Gabriel, born right at home early in the morning of May 28, 2016! I had the absolute joy of doulaing for Noah's big sister Aurora 2 years ago and it warms my heart to have been there to welcome sweet Noah, as well. Noah's parents, Jamie and Gabe, made an awesome team. They prepared well with a private Birthing From Within class, even though Aurora was born naturally just a couple of years ago. They took the time to devote their attention to *this* pregnancy and *this* baby, and I'd say it paid off big time! Baby was positioned quite well by the time Active Labor set in, in part thanks to Jamie's attention to Spinning Babies exercises she learned in class. Jamie was in Transition or nearing it when I arrived at 12:25a.m after having contractions 10 minutes apart just an hour earlier. Noah made his grand entrance at 2:32am! It was a fast and furious couple of hours and Jamie was totally prepared with a handful of pain-coping techniques; moreover, Gabe was prepared with knowing what to say and how to squeeze her hips just right to relieve the intensity of Transition. I was at Jamie's side to talk her through each of her contractions and encourage her back to her breath and her center, and use the power of her mind (visualizations) to bring her baby down, down, down. And naturally, her Midwife and her trusty Birth Assistant rounded out Jamie's birth team beautifully! Absolute synchronicity. Welcome to the world, Noah Gabriel! What a lucky baby you are to be born to this amazing family.

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