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VBAC baby...It's a Girl! 11.13.17

Danielle and Stefan make the most gorgeous babies! Baby Tessa Rae was born into this world at 7:43a on 11/13/17 after a long awaited VBAC birth. Danielle knew she wanted a VBAC after her cesarean birth 2 years ago and did her homework beforehand. She found a supportive OB, hired me as her doula, and patiently shared her dreams with her husband as he slowly got on board with her VBAC and doula wishes.

Birth always throws us curve balls, and Danielle's was that she was facing an induction on Monday morning. I was not surprised in the least when my phone rang in the overnight hours of the morning on Sunday, just hours before the scheduled induction, notifying me that Danielle is in active labor! Awesome timing!

Another curve ball Danielle and her baby faced was being born in the posterior position. Danielle practiced Spinning Babies principles throughout her last trimester and also received chiropractic care to help position the baby. As her labor nurse quipped, this baby was just stubborn! She wanted to stay posterior for whatever reason. I'm sharing this to inspire others, that babies can be born in the posterior position, even a VBAC baby, and even with weeks of trying to encourage baby to turn. Danielle pushed with her husband, doula and doctor by her side, offering her gentle encouragement, cool rags and positivity. And as a side note, just after baby was born Stefan said, "You were totally right about the doula thing!"

What a lucky baby to be born into this beautiful family! Join me in congratulating Danielle and Stefan, and big sister Lana. Welcome to the world, Tessa Rae!

With love,


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