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Birth Announcement: Julie Claire 3.9.18

Julie Claire arrived at 7:15 on the evening of March 9th to the most amazing parents, Aysia and Nevin. Julie is 7#7oz and is pure sweetness!

I was so honored to be their doula, having spent the better part of their pregnancy on their birth team.

Aysia and Nevin took my Birthing From Within childbirth preparation class in January and applied so much of what they learned in class. They labored at home together for quite some time, arriving at the hospital 4 cm dilated. We worked together using Breath Awareness and numerous other pain-coping practices.

When the Birth Fairy arrived with her usual surprises, we were one step ahead of her birthy antics and I mentored these awesome parents through some decisions that they actually made look quite easy. Spinning Babies' Side Lying Release ended up being a game-changer in labor's progression at the very last minute, and shortly thereafter we heard the magical words that Aysia was 10cm! It's always a relief when couples take my class and we are able to be on the same page during labor, whether it be Spinning Babies suggestions, pain-coping practices or communicating effectively with the hospital staff. These things come up in most births and it's a relief to have had that time to prepare, together, through BFW classes.

In the end, Julie Claire arrived after many hours of labor to two very excited and exhausted parents! It's always an honor to support first time parents, and witness new life as well as a new family.

Join me in congratulating Aysia and Nevin!

In love,


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