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Birth Announcement: Baby Oliver has arrived! 3.16.18

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Oliver Cooper has arrived!! He was born on the afternoon of March 16th, 2018 to first time parents, Brittany and Houston. At 8lbs 3oz, he was ready to make his debut!

This has been my first birth as a Mindful Birth Doula, and I had the privilege of meeting Brittany and Houston a few months ago for our initial doula visit.

Brittany had done her research and was looking forward to a natural birth, but sometimes the birth fairy has other plans. A few weeks ago, an ultrasound showed a cyst on her ovary had gotten larger than expected. Her provider told her a cesarean would be needed.

Brittany, being the determined woman she is, got a second opinion. Her new doctor was optimistic but after further examination, Brittany and Houston, were told a cesarean birth was the only option. Her cyst had grown so large it was pushing against her cervix and it wasn’t alone. Brittany had another cyst on her right ovary. Amazingly, Brittany wasn’t in any pain. Her doctors were astounded!

Brittany did a great job of keeping focused on the birth of her baby which was hard at times since the medical staff were so amazed by her condition. Houston was by her side the entire time. Baby Oliver was born via a gentle cesarean with no complications to baby, mama, or cysts. It was truly a medical miracle!

It was a blessing to be a part of this new family’s journey!


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