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Another March birth! Baby Kennedy Mae is here 3.29.18

newborn baby distance doula care

First time parents Jennafer and Steve could not be more proud of their sweet daughter, Kennedy Mae! She was born on March 29th, 2018 at 7:46p weighing a perfect 7#6oz. Look at those cheeks! She looks awfully snugglable, doesn't she?

Kennedy's parents had the foresight to take a birth class, and registered for my Birthing From Within group class series in January of 2018. During this time we had the opportunity to connect over the 4 week series, and Jennafer and Steve hired me to be their Distance Doula at the conclusion of our class.

It was a great pairing because Steve was confident in his role as birth partner, even more so after learning more about his wife's emotional needs during labor through our BFW class. He also was confident in his communication skills with their birth team, and knew he would be a good advocate for his wife during labor. The last piece is that he connected well with me as their doula, and felt comfortable contacting me should the need arise for any extra expertise needed. Having a Distance Doula on their team was just that last bit of "insurance" they took. Who knows, it could have been the key to unlocking labor's natural start!

I enjoyed mentoring the couple through that very last week of pregnancy where many otherwise unexamined questions often arise (is an induction necessary if I go past 41 weeks? What are my options? Are there any natural alternatives? What should I say to my doctor?). In the end, baby Kennedy decided to come on her own before any upcoming induction date! I enjoyed offering some tips throughout labor's unfolding, but all credit goes to Jennafer and Steve. They truly make an awesome team.

What did Jennafer do to cope through the unexpected? What did Steve do to offer support beyond hand-holding? How did they make their way through labor's intensity? These are questions only they can share the answers to. I will share this: labor takes every ounce of mental strength no matter how is unfolds. Well done, Jennafer and Steve! And welcome to your beautiful baby girl.

With love,


p.s. If you're interested in Distance Doula Care or birth classes, you can contact me here.

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