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Welcome to the world, baby Alexander Michael! 4.5.18

The birth of Alexander Michael Amato brings great joy to his loving parents Kristina and Michael, born on April 5th 2018, at 9:39 a.m. This sweet bundle weighed 6 lb. 14 oz stretching a whopping 19.25 in long!

I had the honor and privilege to witness the love in Kristina and Michael's faces as they welcomed the birth of baby Alexander. These amazing parents were pleasantly surprised when they discovered their first child was a boy. The nurses at Cape Coral Hospital lost the bet! Having a boy for their first child was exactly what they hoped for, and I've never seen anyone more thrilled.

"She wrote the book on labor"

Kristina not only won the bet with the nurses at Cape Coral Hospital but astonished her birthing team as she demonstrated extreme strength during labor. Comments like "she wrote the book on labor" and "she made labor look easy" we're just a few of the encouraging things that were said.

This busy couple (owners of Overtime Pizzeria Sports Bar) came fully prepared with the knowledge and understanding of natural labor after attending a private Birthing From Within class with Christine. Having learned and practiced spinning babies techniques and pain-coping techniques regularly made my job a whole lot easier!

Michael had the upmost respect and concern as he supported his wife with a constant presence and reassurance, with his authentic gentle demeanor. It was no surprise when Mike called me at 3 a.m. stating that they were 5 cm dilated in the hospital, because Kristina had been fully effaced for several weeks. Arriving and finding mom coping magnificently was no surprise either!

Focusing on resting in between contractions was key at this stage of labor, yet also doing several techniques like the side lying release, abdominal lifts and lunges to encourage labor's progression.

After having a cervical check, artificial rupture of membranes proved to be beneficial in progressing labor, and also in bringing on challenging contractions!

"Kristina showed phenomenal powerhouse strength"

After an hour and a half of what seemed like one extreme continuous mind blowing contraction, Kristina was given the green light to push, and push she did! Kristina showed phenomenal powerhouse strength as she delivered Alex with grace and ease, astonishing all who witnessed!

Not only did I have the great pleasure of witnessing such a magnificent event, I met a precious giving soul, Marta. Marta is the grandmother, who came from Philadelphia to meet her third grandchild and support his wonderful parents! God bless grandparents!

Please join me in welcoming baby Alexander Michael to the world!

Doula love,


P.s. Birthing From Within classes for childbirth preparation are open for registration for both June and August 2018!

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