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Welcome earthside, baby James Reed! A quick labor on 8.1.18

Today's birth announcement comes from our fantastic doula, Emily. Take a look at her latest, announcing the birth of baby James Reed:

Rachel's water broke after having a visit with her chiropractor. (Way to go chiropractor!) I received her call at 5 p.m. and decided to cut my motorcycle ride short. Five hours later I arrived at Cape Coral Hospital to find Rachel with a big smile in triage.

It was a busy night for the labor and delivery ward. Sweet little cries echoed in the hallways as we walked to Rachel's delivery room. The game plan was to labor in the tub as soon as possible, and after a short delay for monitoring baby and mama the game was on. Rachel wasn't letting anything get in between her and that welcoming warmth that awaited her! Candle light, soothing music and the relaxing aroma of lavender filled the room while Rachel sunk into her padded cushion, easing her into labor land.

This mama never ceased to lose her smile while she labored with the utmost control. It wasn't long before the urge to push came and Matthew called for the nurse then whizzed Rachel to the bed. Her phenomenal strength and focus aided her in delivering sweet James with just a few pushes. She made labor look easy and surely was the envy of every laboring woman!

Grandma Susan arrived just in time to see the baby's head crowning but the doctor missed it! Thank goodness for nurses who like to catch babies!

Share in my delight as I introduce James Reed, born at 1:12 a.m. Wednesday, August 1st 2018! Congratulations and blessings to Rachel, Matthew and Grant on the newest addition to your family!

With love,


P.s. I heard you were looking for a doula! Check out Mindful Birth's doula services and birth classes, too.

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